Chinese Name
  周 慧 敏
English Name
  Chow Wai Man Vivian
Date of Birth
  10th November 1967
Place of Birth
  Hong Kong
Blood Type
Chinese Zodiac
  Form 6
Piano Level
  Passed 7th grade
  Nearly one thousand degree short sighted
  Music, Art, Reading, Movies
  2 dogs and 8 cats (Chu Chai, Pal, Meow Chu, Pudding, Fa Fa, Siu Bo Bo, Pal Bee, Pal Dee, Ting Ting, Cardi)
Favourite Sports
  American Pool, Tennis and ball games
Favourite Food
  Coffee Cake, Coffee Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate, Chinese Cuisine, South East Asia Cuisine
Favourite Drink
  Coke, Lemon Tea, Coffee, Jasmine Tea
Favourite Colour
  Black, White
Favourite Place
Favourite Fruits
Favourite Pets
  Dogs and Cats
Favourite Person
  Kind hearted person
Past recording company
  Sancity Records Ltd., Polygram Records Ltd., H.K., Decca Records Taiwan Ltd.
Favourite Artist
  Momoe Yamaguchi
Favourite Movies
  Tree of LIfe
Favourite Clothing
  Casual Wear
Things to avoid
  Scared of Water

'Rejoicing in hope ; patient in trinulation ; continuing instant in prayer.' Romans 12:12



Vivian Chow Wai-man (周慧敏zau1 wai6 man5) became one of the most renowned artistes among Asian audiences all over the world after entering the entertainment business by becoming a disc jockey at Radio Television Hong Kong in the late 1980s.  Vivian made her movie debut in 1988 in the smash-hit comedy Heart to Hearts

, winning her a nomination for the Best New Performer award the following year.  At her peak, the Hong Kong-born beauty known for her ladylike stage image achieved remarkable success in music, movies, radio and television, including appearing in dozens of films on the silver screen.

In 1989, she released her debut album, titled by her Chinese name.  Three years later, her first Mandarin album, 流言(Liu Yan), becamean instant hit in the Taiwan market, where she attracted a large and loyal fan base. In 1993, Vivian won the ‘Most Favorite Overseas Female Singer’ award sponsored by the Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (commonly known as NHK), Japan’s national public broadcasting corporation.

Vivian reached new heights in her musical career when she gave her first and hugely successful Hong Kong and Taiwan concerts in 1994. She then internationalized her career by releasing her two Japanese albums in 1995 and 1997 respectively.   In all, she has recorded dozens of albums.

Despite fame and glory, Vivian temporarily left entertainment circles following her concert in Las Vegas in late 1997. Seeking a more meaningful lifestyle, Vivian emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, to start a new life as an ordinary private citizen  focusing on health and sustainability.  However, she made frequent trips back to her native Hong Kong to visit  family and friends, and to support animal-rights charities.  (Incidentally, it is worth noting that Vivian was brought up by her widowed mother, after her father died the same year she was born due to heart problems.  This may partly explain her  deep loving and caring nature.  Her dream was always to become a singer and artist, which she has accomplished).

In 2002, Vivian again captured the local media’s  attention as she was appointed by the Society for Abandoned Animals Limited (SAA) as its first ambassador, and started participating in different fund-raising activities.

Vivian’s great passion for animals was best demonstrated when she decided to move back to Hong Kong, where she published her debut book,<<我的貓兒子周慧豹>>ngoh3 dik1 maau1 yi4 ji2 zau1 wai6 paau3 (My Son is a Bengal Cat), in 2003, sharing her daily encounters with her beloved Bengal cat.  The book topped the best-seller list in Hong Kong for many months, generating great reviews and wide support from animal lovers.

In 2006, with a mission and determination to raise funds for the launch of the Non-Profit Making Veterinary Services Society (NPV)(非牟利獸醫服務協會 fei1 mau4 lei6 sau3 yi1 fuk6 mo6 hip3 wooi2), Vivian reunited with her loyal local fan base  after an absence of 12 long years, giving three sold-out concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum. She donated her full proceeds from the performances to the NPV for its establishment.

As well as becoming a spokesperson for various famous commercial brands, Vivian has been heavily involved in many other charitable events. Focusing on contributing to society, she serves as ambassador for various  non-profit organizations, spreading her love and compassion to the needy in the territory and around the world.

Because of her healthy and simple lifestyle, her caring personality, as well as her kind-heartedness and friendliness, she has gained people’s tremendous love and support in return over the past two decades. With both her inner and outer beauty, Vivian Chow is truly a legend!